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QCT4O V1.5.1 Changes?


I just installed V1.5.1, thinking some of the suggested changes had been added. While the Release Notes document lists known issues, it does not say what’s changed.

Would it be possible to find out what bugs were fixed and features enhanced between the beta we reviewed last month and this new release?





Yes, we should definitely be doing this. I will check in with our Product Manager about this.



Since it was technically our first release we didn’t cover what had changed, since EVERYTHING was new.

Of course we had people coming over from freeware and our loyal beta testers.

I have a report that needs cleaned up so you don’t have to see all of the internal nitty-gritty, but should have something ready for next week.



That would be nice. I also get lots of questions of the differences between the “free” and the commercial release.
What I base my response on, are the biggest differences between v1.2 and v1.5.1., like the changes in Builder, more options when comparing the test-expectations and the reporting options.


We’ll have an official differences document such that users can fairly evaluate the trial with the freeware, but here is what I have as a starter:

  • Current Freeware expires Feb 28, 2008
  • Freeware is currently version
  • does not support Oracle XE by default
  • Commercial is currently version 1.5.1
  • Freeware support is limited to the Quest Community message board

We are working on a patch release that will make the difference between the freeware and commercial editions even more severe.

We are working on updating the freeware such that it more closely mirrors the workflow and overall UI improvements that were achieved with version 1.5. However, I doubt that the enterprise type features such as the Quick Builds will be included when the freeware is updated.

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