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QCTO Beta - Version numbers on repository manager splash screens


While using the repository manager to construct the repository forthe beta, the splash screen says 5in a big number on the left. When it finishes, it magically changesto 6. However, isn’tthis repository manager part of QCTO version 2? Lookslike a) a leftover install splash screen and b) the totally wrongversion. Is the number related to the tester or the repositorymanager?


Ooops - supposed to be reported in Bugs. My bad.


I believe the numbers you are referring to are the Repository Manager Wizard step numbers. They are not version numbers for either the Repository Manager or Code Tester. I am attaching a screen shot of the Repository Manager Wizard screens. Please confirm if those are the numbers you are referring to.



Well I guess they are, but they seemed to be in a location that suggested they were the product number…

So that’s fine.