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QCTO reports


Hi Steven,

Is there any report is avilable in QCTO which can show the values of test cases.
Input, Expected Output ,Actual after run,test case name.

These things we are able to see on screen, can we have any option through which we can get the report and use it for verification.
We have to maintain manually.

Everybody is not interested to see the QCTO screen. I have checked one report which is in Text format and showing the results bt not able to see what are inputs and outputs only status of test case is showing.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Hello Sandeep,
We have report “Result of Last Test”. See picture.
Is this meet your requirement?



Hi Danny,

Thanks a lot for your help.
Yeah…It will be helpful.

Please check below screen which is showing input parameters and their values and expected output with value and result of test case.

Suppose if we specify the quey in any if input or expected output we want to see that also.

I got an idea like when we exporting our test cases in XML file everything is there. So can we covert it in Excel file?

or any other option can help?
Thanks for your help.


Yes, you can specify input and output as “query”
See picture

let me know if it’s work for you.



Hi Danny,

Is there any report which will give the all information about the tests for any function or procedure.
Like where query we have putted as input etc.

If someone wants to review test cases, he can have everything in report.
What area the test cases created by Developer and inputs and their values if values not specified then what query developer putted for test case instead of going in QCTO screen.

Thanks for your help.



You can use this report.
See picture