QDMS doesn't work with SQL Optimizer 7

using windows 2003 server as my environment. desktop & server
running oracle 10G
installed QC 6.1 and QDMS OK
when i install optizer 7.0 beta , QDMS crashes severely with lots of forms missing. don’t know how i should send in screen shots
QDMS is a freeware tool. if you download and try to re-install it won’t if all QCO components are already installed. have to do an un-install in full first and then it still doesn’t work. must be a DLL issue.

secondly. optimisation queue tab is in the wrong place. i think we should have the scanner & inspector tabs first as you need to have created these prior to adding a new job in the optimisation queue.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reporting the problem. Can you let me know more details of your environment:

  1. Have you installed other Quest products apart from QC 6.1? Like TOAD (and what version)?
  2. Was the QC 6.1 an upgrade from previous version (what version) or was it a fresh install?
  3. Please state the build number of the SQL Optimizer Beta you were installing when error occurred.
    Your answers would be appreciated.

And regarding the position of the Optimization Queue, it is intentional to put it to the first. The reason is that it will be the main reason to use the product to most users. Also, you can now add database objects or source code files directly to the Optimization Queue to have them optimized. The Queue will scan and optimize them in one place so you don’t need to scan in Scanner first and then optimize. This is one of the major advantages of using the Queue.