Query plan does not work

Query cost (relative to the batch): 0.00%

exec <sp_name> 12025343,‘20130130 19:00:00.000’,300,‘Next’

**Any idea why the tab “Query plan” does not work?

I’d like to use Toad for Sybase more seriously but I’d like to test it a lot before buying it.



When running a stored procedure in Toad for Sybase, the tab “Query plan” does not display anything.

I only get:

It probably corresponds to the CR 84,823 (Empty tab). So the question is now: When will this CR be fixed?
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Here is a screenshot to illustrate the empty query plan tab.
The stored procedure is run against an ASE15.5 ESD#5.1

Hello VinceR,

I apologize for the delay, we are still working on this issue.