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Query Plan doesn't show

I see that the Query Plan window was supposed to be fixed in 2.1 version, we’re running 3.0 and no information is populated in the Query Plan window.

This is for straight SQL and thru a procedure, nothing in the window in either case.

Hello Deandyno,

Could you please provide more information about the problem?

  • Which database do you use? ASE, IQ, Anywhere, HANA? What version?
  • Can you attach some screenshot of the problem?
    Thank you.



we are sorry about problem which you have with Query plan but we didn’t have any reported issue with it. Can you please specify some more details to us? What version and what type of database do you have? Can you provide us some SQL which you try to run (also some sample table would be helpful)? Can you try it with our latest Beta build 3.2 ?



i did quick check and ASE and IQ seem fine. see below. Can you put the sql in an editor and generate support bundle and post to us. this will generate DDL for your SQL. Perhaps there is something challenging about the sql statement you have.

I’m running this against Sybase ASE 15.5, with Toad for SAP version I will post more details when I have a chance to gather them.

Thanks, Dean

Simple query


According to the attached image it looks like there’s some problem with component for displaying of the query plan.

I can send you a small application which tests if the component is correctly registered to your system.

If there’s problem with the registering of the component I think reinstallation of Toad might solve this.


Did reinstall handle this?