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Query Wizard Preview Speed

What's the best way to craft an ETL with the query wizard so the preview will load for longer running queries? If we link to a query I presume we should be able to change the query so that the preview only has to return a few records and when the query is updated everything will be returned. However there seems to be some aspects of the wizard that persist after being created so I'm trying to understand when it's necessary to redo the wizard, such as changing a data source.

Also, it seems the connection objects will not nest all other objects so what's the best way to reduce the number of connections specified within a script. Ideally they should be able to reference the same connection, but many objects don't have a use parent option and have to be set explicitly.

Can you share your query and/or process flow? trying to understand your requirements...

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Hi, I may have answered some of my own question about the wizard. I have a query that is pulling records from another system and the query takes a while to execute. What I decided to try was limiting the row count so the wizard preview could complete and continue. Then after the wizard was built I updated the query which is linked so it could pull everything. That appears to work.

However with respect to the data source objects I'm trying to limit the number of places I have to update in a process if the primary data source changes. We've had a few situations where we had to move a login and it required going through and updating all the data sources on each object in the process and would prefer to be able to update it in one place.

While some objects can inherit from a parent, many do not, so it would be nice if they all had the ability to inherit their connection so it can be changed in one place such as the settings where the default is set.