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Quest Code Tester for MySQL


Are there any plans to develop a Quest Code Tester for MySQL?



We have no plans at this time. Is this something you feel you would
need and use?


Yes. QCT saved us a lot of time and pain creating unit tests.

We are now starting to develop also in MySQL. There is a TOAD version for MySQL and Toad Data Modeler 3 (by the way pretty cool tool) is also supporting MySQL, so why not QCT for MySQL in a future? :wink:


No doubt about it - that is a great idea! And hearing from customers
who want it will definitely help us prioritize such an effort.

We are also very interested in collecting “stories” of how customers
are using CT. Would you be willing/able to talk to our Product
Marketing Manager about your experience with CT?

If so, please get in touch with me at

Many thanks and happy new year,