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Quest Code Tester: test all packages

Can i test all the packages in my schema at one go or one shot? Can i test selected packages (80-90 packages) from my schema at one shot?

My requirement is to test some selective packages in one shot.

Hi tjs_klh,

Yes, you can combine all your package tests into a Suite by multi-selecting all your tests, right-click and select Save as Suite. A Suite is a way to group together multiple tests. You can then Run a Suite and it will run all the tests in that Suite.

If you are using Code Tester with Toad for Oracle and you have Toad 12.9 or later, you can run selected package tests in the Editor by using “Run Code Tester Tests”. This will prompt you for which tests you want to run.



Hi can u heLP me

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Hello rajujadha,

What is your question?