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Quest Installer doesn’t let me install the KX again


Hi there,

I have uninstalled the old beta before I installed the current full-install.

Now the problem is that I’m unable to install Knowledge Xpert again.

Although Knowledge Xpert is no longer installed the Quest Installer doesn’t let me install the KX again, but rather says that it is already installed.

Well, I’m really desperate.

What can I do to get the new KX back.

Best Regards


Hi Andre,

With the new Quest Installer we have a feature that looks in the MSI database to see if any Quest Product has been installed outside of the Quest Installer.

So it seems that even though you have un-installed KX it is still in the MSI registry.

What I would suggest you do is download and install the Microsoft MSI clean up utility (you can download it from and remove any entry related to Knowledge Xpert (There could be up to 4 entries depending on the state of the registry). Also look in the location you performed the original install are remove any Knowledge Xpert Directories and then re-run the NAV install and you should be able to install Knowledge Xpert.

While using the MSI clean up utility please be careful to only delete the KX entries as this will permanently delete the selected entry from the registry.

Peter Hanevski


Hi Peter.

and thank you for your response.

I got it now.

However, what I found is more then strange.

Neither the uninstall from the„officiell“ menu

Start-> Programms-> QuestSoftware-> „uninstall KX“ item (for example ) nor the uninstall from the system-> Software folder is good enough.

No, you have to uninstall the components via an explicit call to the quest installer and there chose the components you want to uninstall. And here it does not matter whether the software component has been uninstalled before in the „normal“ und usual way.

And at this point I ask myself what are the separate uninstall items (for some programms/components) under the Questmenu good for?

I do think they should be removed.

This is very strange and annoying.

Best Regards!



Hi Andre,

It is done this was so that there is only one entry in the Add/Remove programs when KX has been installed via the Quest Installer.

Depending on what type of KX you install (there are actually 5, Ora Admin, PL/SQL, DB2, My SQL and SQL server as well as a couple of other components that drive KX but only 2 types are packaged with SQL Navigator) the Quest Installer will be launched so that you can select the specific component type you would like to un-install.

This is not an unusual way of removing components as many other packaged software use this method including Microsoft for their product such as Office and Windows components.