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Quest Installer hangs on "Extracting Files"

Hi, I’m trying to Install Toad for Oracle 10.6. In the wizard, I choose to agree to the licence agreement and click next. A popup appears with a title “Extracting Files. Please wait”. And then nothing happens. I’ve done everything I can, there are others who ran into this annoying issue but non of the solutions offered worked for me. I’ve deleted and uninstalled everything I have on my computer that is related to Quest, and I still get the error. I’ve tried to run the command “…exe /extract” and extarct the setups manually, but that also hangs.

It seems like a problem with Quest Installer. Any help is appreciated.

I would give Support a call. They deal more effectively with issues like that,
and you’re less likely to get irrelevant responses.

hi,erkan.haspulat_359 and mark.lerch_828
I also have had the same problem, exactly is how to solve? thank you very much.