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Question regarding capture/replay of a 10g RAC Database



We are about to migrate our existing production Oracle 10205 RAC database to new machine using shareplex. In this regard, would like to perform benchmark testing and would like to capture the existing load from current production and replay onto New prod Test instance Database to measure memory, cpu and io performance.

I am using a trial version of 7.1 and it seems Capture using AWR is not supported on RAC databases. Tried ADDM method but it does only capture load from source database only for 30 minutes.ideally, i am interested in capturing one full day’s worth of workload from current production and apply on new database to measure performance.

pls let me know a way to achieve this using benchmark factory 7.1




after working with dell support team, got my answers. thx


Putting the answer for all to see;

Up until version 11gR2 of Oracle, the AWR report procedure would only generate a report for a single instance, in other words it could not display RAC level data therefor BMF disable the report for RAC, since it would not be accurate. Now with 11gR2, Oracle added a procedure that would generate an AWR report that would be at the entire RAC level, not just an instance. BMF uses this report now in it’s Oracle driver, but the change has not been implemented in the Oracle Capture wizard to enable it if in a cluster and the version is 11gR2 or higher. This will be fixed in the next release of BMF (v7.3)