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Hello ,

I don’t understand result summary when run TPC test

there is 3 axes, one of them indicate to user load & the other is response time but what about the last one in the right indicate for what ?

and also response time is very high for 1 user load …how this happen

for 1 user load…response time was 9.25 ms

for 10 user load…response time was 3.25 ms


The other statistic which is graphed is TPS.

The response time for user load 1 may be high because the system has not got to stable state yet. Executing transactions at the start of a test allows the database to fill caches, etc. BMF allows for the setting of Pre-Sampling time which, during this period, transactions are submitted to the database but the results are not used in the final statistics calculation. Note that Pre-Sampling is done before every user load/iteration.