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Hello ,

I have installed spotlight on oracle and it’s working but

database was down but spotlight didn’t detect that, it show only that cpu was 100%

please help me why happen this?



Did you input the OS monitor information in the Spotlight connection editor?

If you did, Spotlight on Oracle will monitor your database host in the connection.

That is - there will be at least 2 connections, one for your databse connection and the other for your database host connection. So when your database was down, but your host is not down, Spotlight show cpu usage information is normal.

Wish it helps.


I didn’t get the point

when database is down, spotlight should inform us that but this not happen

from where in spotlight, appear alarm that inform me when my database get down

IMHO, Foglight is monitoring tool.

Spootlight is performance monitor tools.

So shuting down instance can be detected with monitor tools, not performance one.


Can you reproduce it every time?

If so, can you send us (to this email: the Spotlight screenshots when this happen?

Also if you want, can you send us a traced support bundle for this problem?

Steps ->

  1. Open Spotlight, click menu “View” -> “Options…”

  2. In the Spotlight Options form, click the link “Tracing” under “Troubleshooting”

  3. In the Spotlight Tracing form page, check the “Turn client tracing on” and click OK

  4. Start to reproduce this problem

  5. After reproducing it, click menu “Help” -> “Support Bundle…”, and check the modules you are using and click “Collect” button, such as below:


  1. After a while, click the button “Collect detailed support bundle” as below:

  1. When finished created the support bundle, you can find it and send it to me:


Hightch Wu

Hi ss,

If you are connecting to a RAC database, and one of the node is down, then this is a known issue, there will be alarm on the node component but not on the global database.

We have record this and PM already put this on the roadmap, will fix it on the future release.

But if the problem is with a single instance, then this is not as expected, we need look into more details, please see Hightch Wu’s reply.