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Quick Filtering?


In 6.4 how can I make a quick filter that would one be used once?

Big description: I want to make a filter that I want to apply now and if I then choose another filter this one is “forgotten”.
In 6.4 it seems that I have to make the filter and save it with a name (:frowning: ) to be applied and then I have a filter that I want to delete in my list

Filipe silva


I found out that in a previous post ( I gave this idea

"Putting a filter expression with I think should filterand not be lost (maybe automatic assigning giving a name like ) "


Hi Filipe

We are considering bringing back the old filter along side with the new Filter in DB Explorer only for 6.5.

Basically what would happen is that you can use either filter, but if you use the old filter "quick filter’ it will disable the buttons of the new filter to show that it is effective. If you want to use the New Filter, you will need to ensure that the “quick Filter” is left blank.

Will that suit your requirements?



Yes, but I expect that people changing from 6.3 to 6.4 will have that problem.