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Random EdCaptionOnChange error


Hey guys,

I was updating some stored procedure SQL text in my stored procedures when I came across this error:

Function EdCaptionOnChange has not been found

Essentially what I did was I used the Physical Model Explorer (my new best friend) to open up a stored procedure and went to the SQL tab. Things looked good in it, so I used the drop down menu and selected the next stored procedure in the list (a very clever way to do simple “standardized changes” in a fast way, excellent idea!) and so on. Somewhere along the way the error popped up, but then things continued to display as normal.

I’m attaching my data model file and the “detailed” screen shot of the error. I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet, but I thought you’d might like to know. Keep up the great work!

datamodel.txp (66.9 KB)

TDM3_FunnyScreens.doc (110 KB)




Thanks for your post.

We’ve verified it, taken the same steps, however failed to simulate the problem.
In any case, our testers will further deal with it.

If we come across or find anything that might cause the problem, we’ll let you know.

Thanks very much for your co-operation!

Vladka & TDM Team