RE connection failure causes TDM to hang

In the RE wizard after entering the connection details, if the host is not reachable I get a TNS error but TDM then seems to hang and must be ended from Task Manager.
You should be able to respecify the connection (or restart the wizard) and try again.

Hello Malcolm,

Although host is not reachable, we can continue working in the RE Wizard (after confirmation of the error message). It seems to work fine for us.

Please write us what connection method you use and please send us the TNS error you get.
Thanks very much in advance.


Vladka + TDM Team

Hi Vladka,

Today I do not get a hang

The error I get today is “ORA-12170: TNS: Connection timeout occurred”
(in popup, message window and log file) and I can carry on working in TDM

Yesterday’s log file shows
“ORA-12170: TNS: Connection t” first time I tried
“ORA-12170: TNS: Connection” the second time

Apparently we were having connection problems generally with one of our hosts yesterday.

I was using RE, Oracle 9, Native Client Connection

If I get the same situation again, I’ll let you know.


O.K. Fine. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: