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RE: Debug Sybase Stored Procedure in TOAD


I am trying to debug stored procedure using Toad for sybase (1.4 ). I get the following error :-

Stored procedure ‘stbs_qa.dbo.adjust_universe_actual’ may be run only in unchained transaction mode. The ‘SET CHAINED OFF’ command will cause the current session to use unchained transaction mode.

Any help would be appreciated.




Hello Sanjeev,

I am able to reproduce this error too. I assume this error occurs because Toad set chained on when you launch debugger but the transaction mode in which you created this procedure is unchained. You can check this status via value of column sysstat2 from dbo.sysobjects. 0 means unchained, 16 means chained while 32 represents anymode. One solution to ths problem is you can run sp_procxmode to change the mode of procedures you want to debug to anymode:

sp_procxmode procedure_name, “anymode”

Afterwards, please try debugging again and see if you still come across this error.




Hi Charon,

After executing the sp_procxmode procedure_name, “anymode” , I am able to debug the stored procedure successfully. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.


Sanjeev Verma