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Re: Delay in opening package in the UE...


Hi Jaime,
Package opens fast, but body very slow. When i opne package first, and then body, it opens fast, but when i close all tabs and simply open body, it’s slow


I shall re-investigate

  • Jaime -


Hi Piter,

Re-investigation is negative. I am experiencing no delay in opening the package body. We still have our thinking caps on re this though…

We will investigate further and get back to you!!

  • Jaime -


I’ve tested on fev databases and the same, i HAVE delay :(. (66.8 KB)


Some words about ddls generated using metadata.
I spent some time testing this package, and it works fine for my, even for large definition objects. Of course result is returned as clob, wchich can be larger than 32k, then you can split this clob for smaller pieces and than join for display.

select dbms_metadata.get_dll(‘TABLE’,‘D_INW_SZCZEG’) from dual

works for me. DDL of This table is included in first post.

I’m using this package for data_pump table archiving, and its works great!


Thanks for your comments re the metadata Piter…
It’s Good to get feedback like this!!

  • Jaime -


Hi Piter,

I’ve split this to a new thread, as this most certainly is not resolved yet.
I’ll talk to Roman about this today and see if we can come up with some possibilities.

  • Jaime -


Hi Piter,

Just to let you know, we are aggressively investigating this issue.
Currently we are reviewing the queries used in this functionality (comparing it to the queries used by the DB Nav tree).

We hopefully, will have something for you to try for us soon!

Thanks for your patients.

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
Nice to hear that!
If you want som sqls to optimize, let me know, i’m doing that day by day :wink:


Now there’s an offer that I can’t refuse

  • Jaime -


Hi Piter,

Can you please execute the following scripts, and report to us on their execution times:

Select line,text from all_source where owner=’’ and name=’’ and type=’PACKAGE BODY’ order by 1

Select line,text from user_source where name=’’ and type=’PACKAGE BODY’ order by 1

If there is a significant difference, Roman can try to optimize the queries so that they use user_% views instead of all_% views when the object is in own schema.

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
There is no difference, select from all_source runs about 0.02s, the second one (user_source) 0.01s.
When I open single specification of package, it opens very fast, then, when I open body, it opens very fast too.
Watch attachement, first I open package body clicking directly clicking on body name, we can see delay, next i open specification , and then body - there is no delay. (265 KB)


Roman has got the ‘thinking-cap’ firmly back on his head Piter.

  • Jaime -


Good news Piter…
Sekhar has managed to replicate your ‘slow-opening package bodies’ issue!!
So now we can really start investigating it properly!!

Stand by…

  • Jaime -


Eh good news Jaime!
I was afraid that this trouble touches only me!