RE: Hippo Birdies - Brad

RE: Hippo Birdies - Brad

To quote Winston Churchill, “That is a form of effete snobbery, up with
which I will not put.” J

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up with which I will not put

I wonder… is it possible George Lucas borrowed that for the structure of
Yoda’s speech? :slight_smile:


“Short you must be! Backward you must speak!”

Hmmm. Fridays we talk like pirates. Do Thursdays become talk like Yoda days? Or
maybe talk like Foghorn Leghorn?

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No, he borrowed Grover from Sesame Street!

Grover from Sesame Street

Now there’s a guy whose speech patterns I don’t remember…
however… I should note, other than the episodes that had something like
“this is how cookies are made at a manufacturing plant” where they
actually filmed the innards of the plant, I was never really interested in
Sesame Street like I was Looney Tunes.

LOL, even when I was around 6, I guess I thought most of it was a bit too
childish… “counting??? I already know how to count!”


i think its a holdover from LISP