RE PostgreSQL - Error: Column c.reloptions does not exist

Hello all PG users,

We've received several messages regarding this problem:

TDM user is trying to reverse engineer a Postgresql 8.2 db and gets this error message:

Source:CS3- Internal error
Script: REDataMiratorDBPG82
Description: Error: Column c.reloptions does not exist

Our reply is:
It seems the customer is connecting to database PostgreSQL 8.1 using the connection settings for PostgreSQL 8.2.
In the message, it is written that column "reloptions" does not exist (it should be in system table pg_class). This column does not exist in database PostgreSQL 8.1 but exists only in database PostgreSQL 8.2.

Find attached a complete query that we use to ask database PostgreSQL 8.2 for information on tables.
This SQL query should work only in database PostgreSQL 8.2. It will not work in PostgreSQL 8.1 (it will not work in this db right because of the query on column c.reloptions).

We hope this information will help the customer to find the problem.

We got a confirmation that we were right. The customer thought he was connecting to v. 8.2 db but it was v. 8.1.

So, if you encounter the same problem, you'll know what to do. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please write us back.


Vladka + TDM Team