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Re: RE: Import Wizard fail


Message from: liyake

Hi Michael,

Is that possible to pass us the Excel file which caused the issue, we’d like
to use it to test our new implemenation.




Sorry, I cannot send the file but here’s a description of the contents:


The column type is not causing the issue. We have seen this issue once before.
In that particular case there were some hidden characters in the column headers
from the user pressing the arrow keys to go from column to column. We put in a
fix at this time for that hidden character.

Is it possible that you are using some other keys that are entering in hidden
characters? Or how is this file made?




Could you let us know how many columns Toad was tring to create? Is that 16385 (the max columns allowed in Excel 2007)?




Debbie –

File created either by New File -> copy-paste from Original file or deleting
columns (vs. contents) from Original file and saving as New File. Sorry, memory
fading fast with time……