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RE Selection Ignored?

I did a reverse engineering on a DB with multiple schemas. I selected the tables in one schema. It is a small schema - only 20 tables. The selection criteria lists Selected 20 of xxx Tables / 20 of xxx All Objects.

I then clicked on Execute.

TDM thought and thought, and then thought some more. After a few minutes, I stepped away from my desk, and did something else. When I came back, TDM had a little dialog saying that it was finished.

I looked at what it had wrought. It had RE’d the entire DB! Not just that one little schema! No wonder it took so long…

Why did it ignore my selections in the RE dialog box, and bring in every single object in the DB?


can you send me more information about the process to, please? I would like to see screenshots and the loaded model. In general, this should not happen and reverse engineering should load just the selected objects.

BTW: what is your target database platform, please?