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re-size widget


I just installed the latest beta version of TOAD. So far its pretty sweet! I am digging the widgets.

I was wondering if there was a future plan to allow you to re-size widgets? I created one with some SQL but it’s outputting 8 columns and the widget only shows the first 4.

Toad for DB2 Beta (64 bit)

Thanks so much!



We are glad you are trying our latest beta and glad you are checking out the Dashboard and its widgets.

We are not thinking about making widgets size-able in the 6.3 release, however we might consider a left-right scroll capability in the ‘Simple Select’ widget.

I will need to run this past our team - first to see if it is do-able and when.

Thanks for your feedback.


This is good to know! I would not mind a scrolling bar, i assume the re-sizing of widgets would be pretty hard to see.

The widgets are great for monitoring certain things and the customize SQL widget is amazing.

Do yo know if i can extend my beta version? I dont want to stop using beta version of TOAD until its released.


We are planning on posting a new drop of our beta within the next week - and that will have an extended license in it - so stay tuned for the post announcing this new drop


We are working on a re-sizable SQL Grid dashboard. It will not make the cut for our 6.3 release, but it will be in our subsequent release.

Thanks again for your feedback.



This is great to hear! TGIF and thanks again.