Re: Toad 9 and Database schema compares

Re: Toad 9 and Database schema compares

Is there a better way to keep all the instances in sync?

Umm... freeze the stream?

We have two streams we work with:
Stream 1: Application Development
Stream 2: Production Support

When the application is finished its "new version", we have an exodus
from Stream 1 to Stream 2. Otherwise, all changes go into stream 1,
only those changes necessary for immediate bug fixes go into Stream 2.

But perhaps I misunderstood your question. It seems to me a strange
question to keep the instances between Dev -> Sys -> UAT -> QAT -> Prod
completely in Sync. Where do the developers do their initial work if
not in the Dev database. And while the developers are doing that work,
you don't really want those changes immediately applied to production,
do you?

You have a work order describing an immediate production issue. It's
currently sitting in the QAT environment. You don't really want to wait
for all the work going on in Dev to catch up before elevating to
production... do you?

Of course, I could just be way out to lunch too, having come off a 5-day

Roger S.

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