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Re-Useable Initialization code


Hi Guys,

I am new to Quest code teter and oracle aswell, i would like to reuse my initialization code within the program, is it possible ?

ofcourse i can write my procedure and funtions in oracle and use it in the quest code but i want to use the quest code for that




You can share initialization logic as follows:

  1. Open Test Editor for the test definition.

  2. Click on the Customization tab.

  3. Click on + next to “Implementation of all custom subprograms”

  4. Define a procedure in that section that contains the code you want to reuse.

  5. Then call that procedure in each section that needs the same logic.

Let me know how that works.


i found the option :smiley:

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Right. At different levels of the test definition, the label may vary. So in your case, open this section:

Declarations of custom procedures and/or functions