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re-using tests

  1. I have a package with three major procedures in it. Let’s call them A, B and C. Each procedure (A, B and C) loads/updates data from different tables into one table. I have written tests (let’s call the Ta, Tb and Tc) for each of those procedures and they work wonderfully for testing each of the procedures.

  2. This package also contain a single procedure (Z) that then calls each of the other procedures (A, B and C) once.

  3. I would like to now be able to:

    a) Have test for procedure Z, that simply runs procedure Z (which then runs procedures A, B and C) and then runs the tests Ta, Tb and Tc which I have already coded.

    b) I still want to maintain a single copy of the individual tests (Ta, Tb and Tc) on the individual procedures (A, B and C) such that if/when I change code in procedure A, I can just run test Ta.


Your idea is an excellent one. We should let you do this (test A, and by extension run all tests for programs run by A), but we do not yet.

I will add it to the ER list.

Thanks, SF