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Real-time stats via REST?


Is there a method to poll a running job in real time?

We are trying to write a test harness and need to get details such as instance time left, error counters, avg. time, etc. The REST API would be the ideal, and we know the documentation is not completely caught up (e.g. /api/version is not in the reference).

We also tried considered querying the repository database, but it appears that results are summarized and only written once a test completes.


yes, you can poll a running job’s result by REST API. for each test there is a api currentresult can retrieve running test’s statistics.

for example
will return
“classname”: “CTestRunHistory”,
“testversion”: 35,
“testname”: “TPC-C Transaction Mix”,
“runid”: 129,
“profileid”: 40,
“connectionname”: “MSSQL_TEST”,
“comment”: “”,
“statusid”: 3,
“starttime”: “12/19/2018 2:10:42 PM”,
“endtime”: “”,
“elapsedtime”: “Unknown”

you can also get userloadresult and trasnactions results

transaction results


Thanks, this is definitely a step in the right direction. :slight_smile:

We did some testing and the currentresult option appears to provide a convenient pointer to the latest test; what we are really looking for are the actual metrics updated in real-time.

Specifically if you look at the GUI it has the following metrics:

  • Remaining time for iterations
  • Remaining time for test
  • TPS
  • Total Rows
  • Total Errors
  • AVG Time
  • Min Time
  • Max Time
  • Etc.

What we are looking for are these via the REST API so we can monitor the as we make changes to the underlying infrastructure.


Thanks [charlesl] right now currentresult will not return those information and I have created a ticket BMF-5239 for this changes and will address in next release. Thank you for your feedback.