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Realtime detailed stats in the report

I'm running Benchmark factory v8.3 against SQL Server, checked save real-time counter when configuring the testing, the counter interval set to 5s.
if I ran a 20mins testing, i can see the realtime detail graph in the final report, but when i ran the testing for 4hours, the realtime detail graph would not show.
is this known issue?

Hi cwei,

can you please export your report and post to this thread, so we can looking into this issue see what happened. you can do this by open run report -> select test you want to export, see below screenshot.

20mins run:

4hours run:

Thank you for your feedback, we identify it is our product bug, and ticket BMF-5662 is created for this issue and we will address in our next release. right now there is no workaround for this, sorry for inconvenient about this.