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Recall Proprieties in Export Data Request



I would like that recall proprieties of Export Data Table Inserts would not recall the table name.

A nice solution would be to have a new preferences group for export data table insert and delimited file text (with the referenced options) with the defaults for the user :slight_smile:
(so I do not have to do it again in the next session)

Maybe its possible for a future version?

Just another for the wish list
Apreference to allow the user to choose what users he wants DBExplorer to show the synonyms to objects (of a given type) at the same level as the own objects (of a given type).
Explaining using an example: I could choose that with all my connection (a connection preference is not very commom in SQLNav, maybe in version8?) I could see in the table level (and not having to open the table->synonym node) the tables i have synonym to from the users OTHER_XPTO and OTHERONE (those tables would appear in the node of tables (besides appearing also in the synonym node, maybe…) but with the synonym icon and the synonym text (as used in the synonym node).