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Recommendations for PostgreSQL

Thank you for adding new data types (daterange etc.)

What I do miss:

EXTERNAL storage parameter for columns, e.g. ALTER TABLE “public”.“t1” ALTER COLUMN “col1” SET STORAGE EXTERNAL

Thank you,


Hello Sergei,

could you please put this idea in the Idea Pond? We’ve discussed this in our team and it might get implemented in the future, depending on the number of votes the idea has. For now, the workaround is to write the query manually into After/Before Script.



Hi Lukas,

I will add it to the Idea Pond, but After/Before isn’t really a workaround because this information is getting lost on reverse engineering from database. I hope it can be properly implemented in TDM 5.3. I would also like to have an official support for PostgreSQL 9.3, because even PostgreSQL 9.4 isn’t so far away now. You shouldn’t be too much behind.

Thank you for adding the idea to the Idea Pond.

I’ve created an issue for the feature, we’ll see how soon it can be implemented. It won’t be in 5.3 though, since it just came out.

As for supporting PostgreSQL 9.3, it is already being considered.