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Redo hot key mapping

It would be very helpful if we could be given the option to choose what the various key-mappings do, specifically for Redo. It’s caused me trouble more than once when I used Ctrl-Shift-Z for redo in MS Office (as an example) out of habit from having to use that combination in Toad. I never use Ctrl-Y (whatever it does) in Toad, and would like to change it to Redo.

Hi David,

Thanks for bringing up this request again. We used to have CR logging this request, but I could not find it. I created a new ER SQLNAV-1970 for you. We will let you know once it can be implemented.



I’m pretty sure I put this request in YEARS ago. I gave up asking but I’m glad someone else did. It would be great to actually be able to use ctrl-Y like almost every other windows program.

I know it was delete in some old text editors, but I’m not sure most (many?, any?) really think of ctrl-Y that way any more.

Making it customizable would allow some flexibility on this issue. I honestly don’t think we need to be able to map ALL the hot keys, just this one! That would be a LOT simpler to implement. Just give us a preference that lets us toggle between the two options and I think we’d be good. :