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Redo Hotkey Request

Say, while we’re at it, any chance of changing the redo key to be ctrl-Y like the rest of the world? Ctrl-Z does an an undo…

Hi Jet,

UNfortunately, Ctrl+Y in Nav is used for deleting a line. We try to maintain the functionalities of the shortcut keys because there are so many users that already get used to those. So we’re not planning to change it.

Thanks for your feedback

I was afraid of that, but it really is more than annoying since when you’re trying to redo something you do a delete instead! Doh!

I know where it came from, Ctrl-Y is an ooooooooold hotkey from some long lost editor but the fact is, I would bet, more of your users know ctrl-Y as redo than as delete a line.


I know this thread is very old, but it would be very helpful if we could at least be given the option to choose what the various key-mappings do. It’s caused me trouble more than once when I used the wrong combination in Toad and MS Office (as an example).

Hi David,

The website can’t move comments to another community, so I’m afriad you need to pose a new thread about this problem in Toad for Oracle community, thanks.