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Referenced memory error when accessing 6.1 after restart of computer


After installing but before restarting my computer, I am able to open Sql Nav without any issues. After restarting and opening it again, I received the following error: "The instruction at “0x019337d6” referenced memory at “0x021c3dd8”. The memory could not be “read”. Something goes wrong with Sql Nav whenever I restart my computer.

Anyone encounter this issue before or have any suggestions?


I never had that particular error/symptom.
That occurs before trying any connection?
I am assuming that your computer do not have any restore state program running at the beggining or virus,that you have administrator permissions and no disc error.

You do not have any problem with your oracle client (if installed you can use sqlplus with any trouble?)?
Did you try with another computer user?

Filipe Silva


Thanks for your reply. I do get the error message before being able to connect. As soon as I open SQL Nav, I get the error message. The Oracle client is fine since I can use SQL Plus with no issues. I’m also able to use 5.5 without any problems.

It’s actually my laptop so I don’t have administrator access and I am the only user.



  1. Is this problem happen only after you restart your computer or every time when you start SQL Navigator 6.1?

  2. Close SQL Navigator and open Registry CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\ and delete SQL Navigator 6.1.0 and SQL Navigator 6.1.0 Beta. Open SQL Navigator still having the same problem?

  3. Can you please export the Registry key CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\ ?


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Hi Jeff. The problem only happens after I restart my computer. I went to the registry as you suggested and deleted SQL Navigator 6.1. Problem is still there. I’ve exported the registry key. I will attach the file.

key_export.reg (315 KB)


Hi Katharine,

We could not reproduce your issue. You may have to send in a support bundle to our support engineers. How did you install SQL Navigator 6.1? Did you install it side by side with 5.5?