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Refresh ... Doesn't


Very frequently, when I click on Refresh Item, the item does not refresh. This has been an ongoing problem since 6.0. The object doesn’t seem to matter. Tables, users, views, procedures, functions - they all suffer from this issue. It’s especially frustrating when I am doing maintenance, like shrinking the DB to recover unused space, and the stats don’t update. I can hit Refresh Item until my finger freezes up, but it still won’t refresh. The only cure is to disconnect from the DB connection, and then reconnect. Then I can get accurate results.

I don’t know if this is a TOAD issue, or a SQL Server is lieing issue, but it is annoying regardless.


Hi J Fischer,

Thanks for your suggestion. We have create an issue and we will follow it.

Kelly Chen



I am running I used SSMS to add a new DB to a server. I then went into TOAD, and refreshed the DB listing. The DB did not some up. I then did a schema compare. THe new DB showed up just fine in the schema compare. After updating the schema, I again refreshed the DB listing. Still no DB! So, the DB is there. Other parts of TOAD see it. But it doesn’t show up in the list of DB’s in the Database pane.

#4 - Confirmed - I have the same problem. Restored a database using SSMS, in Toad, right-clicked the Databases object in Object Explorer, choose Refresh - didn’t work – the new database does not show up.

Work around: Right-click the Connection in Connection Manager and choose “Reconnect”. When I do that the database appears, but then all connections are broken on all tabs. Maybe not an issue if you really do need to switch to using a new database, but it’s not the best work around.



Thank you so much for supports. We have fixed the issue, please check in the next beta version.

Thank you again.