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Refresh screen "forgets" areas



What I did:

  • start SqlNav, connect to DB, type name of a table in the code editor, select this name
    The attached screen shot SqlNav6_B9_1.png shows the current situation.
  • press CTRL-ENTER (or CTRL-F3) to view the table’s description
  • press CTRL-F4 to close the table’s description
    The attached screen shot SqlNav6_B9_2.png shows the current situation.
    Only part of the code editor view seems to get refreshed.
    TEST.ZIP (39.8 KB)


Hi Dominique,

I can’t reproduce the problem (and have never seen it). What happens if you restore and maximize the window, or switch to another app and then come back?



Maximizing/restoring the entire SQLNav window does not make the code editor pane to repaint more than the “subsquare”. When just scrolling through the text inside, the “subsquare” acts as if it were the complete pane (without scroll bars, though).

When typing (actually entering characters) past the “borders” right or down, the complete pane gets repainted. Resizing another pane (DB Explorer or output window), and the code editor pane gets repainted, too.



I could not reproduce this issue. Does this happen to you often?



Always, as far as I can tell (getting used to it).
I just knew that using a 24" monitor was a bad idea ;-).
Anyway, it’s not that vitally important - I will try to reproduce it in 6.1, though.


For the record: reproduced in 6.1 beta.


Have you tried using a smaller monitor to see if you got the same issue?




I’ve tried it on a DELL 1703FPt (1280x1024) - see attached screen shot - the issue is reproducible (though only at the bottom of the code editor).
Maybe it is because I have a dual-monitor setup? The original screen shots were taken from my main monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 243T - 1920x1200), the one attached here is from the second monitor.


Hi Dominique,

I tried dual monitor as well but still couldn’t replicate it. Just wonder if any of the Beta users here experience this problem.


We have 1 person with a double screen here (1 laptop and 1 monitor both operating at the same time). He attempted to do the same thing and he did not have the problem shown in the second print screen. Sorry I couldn’t help.