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Regression testing using data snapshots

I want to automate regression testing of procedures that take some data in several tables as input and change this data as output.

I consider using CT for this purpose.

The concept I have on my mind is to use some kind of data snapshots:

Part 1 - creating test case

  1. We prepare input data.

  2. We make a snapshot of this data and store it in test case repository (along with SQL we used to take a snapshot)

  3. We run our procedure

  4. We make a snapshot of resulting data and store it in test case repository

Part 2 - running test case

  1. We load our test input data from repository to the database

  2. We run our procedure

  3. We compare resulting data with resulting data stored in the test case repository. Now we have positive or negative result of test case run

  4. We make cleanup

I played with trial version of CT, but did not find any means to store and load data snapshots.

Maybe someone can give an advice how to use CT for regression testing for procedures that manupulate with data? Maybe there is something about snapshots in API or there is a third party lib that I can use along with CT?