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Relationship synchronisation


Just a little question about it.

Why TDM3 removed the synchronization between relationship cardinality and not null attributes property ?

The generated script is still correct (because cardinality of the relationship means nothing for the database… what is used is the nullable attribute of the field)… but the drawing is wrong…

no ?


From my previous experience of this forum, I think the NOT NULL is still a problem they are working on.

We are using CS2 and this was a problem there already for mysql.


I hope so.

I’ve downloaded the trial version of TDM 2… and this fonctionnality was implemented and worked just fine…


Hi Arnaud,

TDM3 is a new application, written from scratch. We simply didn’t manage to add all TDM2 functionality to TDM3. You can see a comparison matrix here:

In the document you will find few items that are in TDM2 and are not in TDM3.

We didn’t remove it from TDM3, we just haven’t created a support for that yet.

Thanks again for your feedback. It’s good to know what people need. :wink: