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Hi people, my name is Eliseu. I´m a new member in discussion group.
I´d like know if exists a release date for launcher Toad Data Modeler 3?

Thank you very much.


Hello Eliseu,

Our tentative plan is to launch TDM3 at the end of Q3/07.


Vladka & TDM Team


Hi vladka,
Thank you for your answer.
Make a some days that I’m not acess the Forum.

Sorry for make a question here but I know confirm a news that I read.
The TDM 3 it will not have support to Firebird 1.5.x, 2.x,3x…???

In the document with information on the versions of the Toad and its functionalities, it did not speak of the support firebird.

Thank you very much.



Hello Eliseu,

As it’s written in the comparison matrix, TDM 3 will support latest versions of selected database systems gradually.* The order of the database systems that will be supported in the future has not been specified yet. Therefore, I’m not able to tell you when or on which place Firebird db is. I’m sorry.

In any case, older versions will not be supported. Versions 1.5 and 2 are supported in Toad Data Modeler 2.

  • Note: Just to show you that we do work very hard on this - Oracle 9 and 10 g were supported in first Beta release. Now see the list of currently supported db:
    MySQL 5
    MS SQL 2005 and 2000
    PostgreSQL 8.1
    and new (finished and being tested now):
    PostgreSQL 8.2
    Sybase ASE 15 and 12.5

Thanks for your patience!

If you have more questions, please write me back.

Have a nice day.



Hi Vladka,

I’m using TDM2 and TDM3 to do a database migration from Access to MS SQL 2005 with a possible interim database implementation SQL 2000. Is Access on the TDM3reverse engineering plan or is there a way to get a TDM2 Access database into a TDM3 model? I would suspect that Access is low on the priority list.


Actually Access is high on our list - right now we are starting work on DB2 and Access.