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removing field does not remove related index

I’m not sure it is feature or bug. I consider it as bug because it’s makes very annoying to find out all such issues.

So, the scenario to reproduce is as follows:

  1. add field to table

  2. create index based on this field

  3. remove the field from table.

Generate SQL script: you will get incomplete index creation definition which ends up with error during deployment.

IMO such index should be also removed. It might be supported by additional request “are you sure”.

AFAIK, the same issue will appear in regard to foreign keys or relation between trigger and trigger function. (you can remove trigger function and left trigger non functional.

BTW: I know I can test structure before rendering model to SQL. In that case I spend a lot of time to find “Verification Log” (I was looking for files). Finally I figured out it is a subwindow of TDM app, however the window has been moved down to lower edge of app window makes impossible to notice it. IMO it should popup after verification showing verification results

Found in latest beta (

with regards


thanks. I created new change request. CR#111614.

Re Verification. There is new feature - quick fix. It can be used for fixing multiple problems at once.