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Replay a trace file


I’m trying to replay an Oracle trace file that has been reverse engineered into xml.

The traced session does not Commit the data and as a result when BF replays the trace file it does not commit it. Is there a way to force BF to commit at the end of a replayed session?

Also, I have an insert statement that inserts into a primary key filed. Normally in Oracle this would be done using a sequence and nextval. The trace file has the actual value of the key. I obviously want to use the sequence when I increase the virtual users executing this SQL. Is there a way to do this with scripting?



If you need to you can add another SQL transaction at the end of the user scenario, or wherever you want it, to explicitly call COMMIT. Do do this just select the statement that you want the COMMIT to execute after and then, from the Wizards menu select the Transaction Wizard. You will want to select “Create a SQL Statement Transaction” from the define Transaction page.

As far as the sequence value for the pkey is concerned, even though the trace file recorded a value, when you the insert is done the sequence trigger will fire and replace the value with the next value in the sequence.

I hope this helps.