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Replay Load from an Oracle Trace File


I am learning to use Benchmark Factory and I want to replay a load from one of our databases on a test database as part of an upgrade from 10g to 11g.

I can’t use the capture option from Load Scenario Wizard as there is a network problem so what I want to do is capture the trace files in Oracle itself and then import them.

It doesn’t seem practical to trace the entire database due to the size of the trace files this could generate. If you are doing something like this, do you just pick a certain number of sessions representative of a typical workload on the database and trace them?



Trace are in 99% session based.

For setting trace in session (and out of it, please look in…/trace-for-rookies.html as well as how to start trace in Toad Session Browser.

Damir Vadas


It is quite common to have session trace files from several hundred MB to several GB!!!

To have ability to load in Toad Session Trace browser, you should have enough memory …

Thanks Damir.