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I’ve got a schema with 73 tables (average 15 columns each). It took me 2 hours to run Tables and Columns report before I was even able to generate PDF file. It goes through 2 stages: setting up report, gathering data, generating and formatting. The first 2 are almost instantaneous. The last 2 are extremely slow. In addition I can’t use Nav anymore because It does not let me to open or switch to another session.
I have to start another instance of Nav to continue.





Thanks for detailed information. We need to investigate performance of printing functionality from Report Tree. I will get back to you later…




I have tested briefly this issue and it takes some time to print the report, but nothing so dramatic as 2 hrs. However, bearing in mind that we haven’t recieved so far many complains from Nav users about this module, we need to do more testing and investigation from performance point of view in the latest Oracle versions (10g).
I have raised CR on your behalf for future release.

Thanks for focusing our attention on the Report Tree module.