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Request: compile all compiled objects



In find objects selected all “right button menu” it would be very usefull an option to “compile all objects that can be compiled” (or in the object types having a entry for all object types that can be compiled)



Hi Filipe,

We currently have in the right click the compile for selected objects, ie, once we have the search result list returns, you can do select all then right click->compile.

We just would like to double check with with you if we should still need to add another right click for compile all, as we might would like to make the behaviour the same for other actions in the right click like drop, extract dll…to work with selected items/objects in the result list.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce

The “right click” compile gets disabled if some object is not “compilable”.
Two ways to get my functionality, without (I hope) many work for you guys, would be:

  1. to have in the object type search combo an option for “compilable” objects
  2. to not disable the option when there is no compilable objects in the selection (and maybe given a warning explaining that )

If 2 is a valid solution I would suggest also the same solution for extract DDL



Hi Filipe,

Just would like let you know that we already have the type ‘Stored Program’ which should give you option 1.
Could you please check that out, if that would not work for you, we would try to look into option2 as per your suggestion.

Thanks and regards,


‘Stored Program’ almost solves my problem …it doesn’t have Views

I think I can live with it …thanks!