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Request: Separated Code Editor for SQL and Packages



A request: to be able to have for the same connection distinct Code Editors windows for SQL and Packages (I mean to be able to have 2 Code Editors : one with the package tabs and the other with the SQL Tabs)





Why? I find the tabs quite handy (though I most of time have only one SQL editor open, and possibly several packages).
On the other hand, being able to scroll through all editors with CTRL-TAB (instead of through all connections) would be nice.


I like the tabs …the problem is that I have several packages and more scripts at the same time and normally I want to jump from a sql script to a package and then back…

BTW is there some way fast (using the keyboard) to swicth beween tabs…I normally use the […] button due to the big number of tabs but then I have to find the tab from a big list (YES the Crl-TAB is not usefull - for me at least)

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Hi Filipe,

The shortcuts to switch between tabs are F6 (Next) and Shift + F6 (Previous). And we have an option in Preferences -> General -> Session: Allow multiple Code Editor windows per session. When this option is check, you can open multiple Code Editor windows for one session. That is, you can open one Code Editor window to load all the sql scripts. Then press Ctrl+M to open another Code Editor window, and now you can open the packages using this Code Editor window. And you can try even more for different types of objects if you want. When you have more than one windows open, the shortcut Ctrl+Tab will switch between these windows.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Vicent!

That fixed my problem!


Just another question:
Is there a “keyboard way” to close a SQL tab without asking to save it (shift-F4 always asks)

Have a nice weekend


Hi Filipe,

When there’s any pending change, there’s no 1 step command, neither keyboard nor mouse, to close a tab/window without asking to save.

I’m just curious and want to ask: how often do you want to discard the changes when closing a script or object? I do this a lot because I’m testing SQLNav application rather than developing PL/SQL scripts or Oracle objects. I’m not sure whether a user wants the close-without-saving or not. Because this way would bring some loss sometimes if user uses it by mistake.



how often do you want to discard the changes when closing a script or object?
A lot…
I worked mainly with packages and most fo the times I make a sql script is to check something to query a particular row or table
I understand that making that option would bring loss if user used it by mistake and maybe it’s not a all-people need feature (maybe only active from configuration?)

I just asked because maybe there was already that feature and i didn’t knew that.