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Request: test htp.p buffer output


Similar as DBMS_OUTPUT I want to test the “web output” (mod_plsql from AS or using DBMS_EPG dads).
The way I see it would be to be able to test it totally or a part of the XML DOM tree.


Thanks, Filipe. Yes, we DEFINITELY need to do this and see it as a high priority for 1.7 (probably out in the fall of 2007).



Do you have news about that in the actuel BETA release (i have just downloaded it and this issue is a major concern in out organisation)

Claudine Bergeron


Support for HTP testing is not in 1.6 (the current beta). We plan it for 1.7, out in the Fall.

I hope that you will help us determine how best to add this functionality to our tool. Do you have any thoughts on what kinds of tests would be of most importance to you?