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Request1: the web browser acess outside the tool

Maybe the web browser acess could be outside the tool by configuration. I find it annoying that I cannot add to my favorites, etc…or providing the URL location soo we could copy-paste to an external browser.

Request2: Go to Line ignoring the spaces
If I paste a line number to the Go to Line (CNT-G) form if it has some spaces before or after the number it will not search. I need to take the spaces out. It would be very helpfull if the spaces could be ignored

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  1. Access to Web browser or as we call it, the “Web Option” is one part of Navigator, which hasn’t been looked at from inception. It looks like this feature is not much used by Nav users either. It would ber nice to hear if and how it is used, or whether iit is useful.

  2. This is a good request I will raise enh request

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answering 1) I do not use it. I find it annoying…I would prefer that program call the default browser with the page (as most of the programs do)


Ok. I’ve got your point. We will consider this for future enhancement.

Rgds, Andrew



Just to request that my request 2 above ( Go to Line ignoring the spaces) to be in the next version…it seems very easy