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Reserved words list .



Looking in my code, i was an idea to extend the list of reserved words, coloured in code editor :
So i start my types, if you remind something, please add. Maybe great sqlnav Team could include them.
My types.
merge MATCHED siblings

Regards Piter


Good point. Thanks for reminding us. We will update a reserved words list.


Nice to hear that!
By the way One more: COMPACT

Regards Piter


No problem


Change request raised…
If you think of any other ones you’d like us to consider… please pass 'em on!!



both,spfile,bitmap, cfile, degree, encrypted, rekey,memory,piortek :wink:

You’re on :


CR Updated - we’re not making any promises on the last word though


I have nothing to say with this. I thought that you won’t notice this word :wink:


ddl, and sys packages dbms_% and utl_%










static :wink:


also noted



less than


Bernard added a note to the CR suggesting that it may be worth externalising the reserved words, and providing a GUI to allow users to modify it as they see fit.
This seems a good idea to me.



Great idea Jaime, than i coud add my nick into reserved word list!!