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Resolved Issues and Enhancements in BETA


Hello All,

It’s great to get first feedback on the BETA. Thanks for your time!
Now you may wonder: “I’ve sent some suggestions and tip on enhancements… How will they deal with all this?”

  • Good question. Here’s the reply:
  1. Each request is assigned a CR number. This is the number I will let you know about in response to your request.

  2. With each new release of BETA, a document “Resolved Issues and Enhancements” will be published in the Documentation section. So, you will simply open the document, check the CR numbers and see if your request is implemented in the new release or not. This way you can keep track of your requests and resolved issues at each stage of the BETA development.

Now, we’ve published such a document for the first BETA release as well (BETA This document contains some resolved issues reported by users of Toad Data Modeler 2. You can check it out at:

(You need to be logged in to be able to see the document!)

Thanks again and keep your ideas coming!