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[RESOLVED] Toad for SQL Server Beta - database background color bug

Kelly, etc. We’ve discussed this several versions back and I recall you’ve raised a bug request for this problem.

I’ve just downloaded the latest Beta release and it’s still happening!

The background color of my databases does not change. This is an issue as I have junior developers that require to go into Toad to maintain our system databases and if they think they are in Development, when in fact they are in the Production database, we could be in serious trouble!

The colour scheme is crucial (other than looking at the top bar for current connection), for us to see quickly what database we’re working on.

Here is a video of the problem.

Please get this fixed urgently!



I create TSS-1144 for this issue as critical and developers are looking on this now.

And we also can contect Support through below web:

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Thanks Kelly.


TSS-1144(QAT-6544) has been fixed. Please try in next Beta.

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Yes it works now! 1 year later I might add! But thanks